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This is a kit including Pentax Monucular VM 6x21 WP, Pentax V-MS1, Pentax V-SA1

  • Pentax VM 6x21 WP

Provides an easy grip by either hand, and it features a newly designed focus mechanism to facilitate focus adjustment by the holding hand. Thanks to a minimum focusing distance of 70 centimeters and a wide focus adjustment range allowing close-range observations, this monocular can be used in a wide range of applications, from magnified views of distant scenery to close-up observations of small objects.

Featuring durable, dependable waterproof construction, both models can be used for outdoor sports events, concerts and theatrical performances, at locations such as beaches and waterfalls, or in the rain.

In addition, the Pentax VM 6x21 WP can also be used as a microscope capable of magnifying approximately 18-times by using the "Macro Stand V-MS1", an optional accessory. The "Smartphone Adapter V-SA1" optional accessory enables shooting and recording with a smartphone. A VM 6x21 WP Complete KIT that includes the VM 6x21 WP monocular and these two accessories is also available.

  • Pentax V-MS1

Pentax V-MS1 Is a dedicated accessory for Pentax 6x21 VM WP monocular. It´s easy to install in the front of the lens and easily converts the monocular into a 18x field microscope. Made of transparent plastics to allow ambient light in from all sides.

If there´s not enough light you can turn on the integrated LED light that also will help to illuminate shadows It supports the monocular and holds it at the correct distance for achieving sharp focus of your subject.

  • Pentax V-SA1

Pentax V-SA1 is a dedicated accessory for their 6x21 VM WP monocular. The adapter lets you capture photos and videos with your smartphone through the eyepiece. Use it for landscape and bird photography or use it together with the macro stand V-MS1 for stunning macro shots.

The adapter easily connects to the monocular tripod socket and keeps your smartphone securely and solidly in place. An easy to adjust clamp gets your phone centered.

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249,00 €
PENTAX MONOCULAR VM 6X21 WP makrokitti kännykälle

PENTAX MONOCULAR VM 6X21 WP makrokitti kännykälle

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